I first met Eric in the spring of 2018 after a good bit of searching and not a small amount of procrastination. I had recently been fully cleared by my doctor after a major surgery I underwent in the fall of 2016 and needless to say, my fitness level was not exactly up to par as I had gained a lot of weight and lost a good bit of what fitness I had due to the surgery leaving my self confidence low to nonexistent. After spending some time searching for a good gym to attend, I floated the idea of getting a personal trainer as well to help motivate me and prevent me from hurting myself if I got too overzealous trying to do more than I was capable.

I spoke with Eric over the phone and found him very professional and friendly, making me feel welcome where my self conscious nature was telling me otherwise. After our first conversation, I immediately realized I made the right choice and spent the next three months under Eric’s watchful eye. He started me off slow and easy while instructing me in proper form and execution all the while making sure I felt comfortable and not at all out of place with my Buddha’esque form in a gym full of folks with spartan physiques lifting the equivalent of Buick engine blocks. Eric was also very motivating, driving me to try harder every session and to constantly seek improvement in my form to make sure I was getting the best results for my efforts. After three months, three times a week, I was 20 lbs lighter and my endurance improved greatly which made every aspect of my life, from work to recreation, much easier than it had been for many long months.

Over my time with Eric I went from shaking and wobbly lunges with little to no weights to leg pressing more weight than I thought I could lift in such a small amount of time. Along with his excellent physical coaching, I also received great advice on diet and eating habits to which I still practice to this day. I would recommend Eric to anyone who is looking for a professional coach and advise whomever wanted an outstanding trainer to seek him out before anyone else.

TL/DR version…. Eric is awesome and I would 10/10 recommend him to anyone looking for a professional trainer to help them along their fitness journey.


Thomas B.


I hired Eric a few years ago as a personal trainer to help me with strength training and low cardio. He was great, he catered to my need and worked with me to get the results that I was seeking for. He even woke up super early to meet my training schedule at 4:00am. I felt like he was there for me. At times he was also my personal therapist. I do missed training with him. Kinex closed down and Eric has moved out of the area.

Thank You

Phanary H.


I have been training with Eric for over two years  because he helps me achieve my goals without gimmicks, fads or schemes. His training has helped me maximize my workouts despite physical limitations and his knowledge of nutrition has allowed me to adapt my diet to my sensitivities and specific needs.


Andrea W.


I’ve been into sports my whole life from gymnastics, to basketball, to long distance running.

The main reason was to stay fit and be able to chase my kids around without getting out of breath.

I never liked lifting weights because I didn’t know what to do.

My mindset changed after meeting Eric Kirk with NBS Training.

He not only created great, easy to follow, no froufrou workout plans, but helped me understand how to properly use the different machines or weights to prevent injury.

The best part is that when traveling, I can use and adapt any of his workouts depending on the local gym and what machines are available.

Thanks to NBS Training, I’ve gained 10 lbs of muscle, my clothes don’t fit anymore and my wife can’t keep her hands off me 🙂


Will M.

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